How To Play

After downloading One Clue, you are presented with one letter, the remaining blanks that spell out the word and a clue to help you solve the question. Hopefully, the clue will trigger you to know the answer. There are a series of letters provided in your rack, which is located underneath the question. Spell out the secret answer and see if it is correct. If you are stumped and do not know the answer, you can use one of your boosts to help.

Reveal A Letter will show you another piece of the answer. Trash Letters will remove all of the non-essential letters in your rack and give you only the letters you will need to solve the level. After using up your boosts, if you are still having trouble answering the question, search our One Clue Answers database for the solution.

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  1. Rachael Moyer says:

    You really should also have and Alphabetical List of the answer’s, not just the level list’s that you currently have. I have been running across answer’s that are placed different than what is posted here as well as Clue’s/Answers that aren’t even on your list at all.

    Perhaps allowing people to submit pictures of the one’s that aren’t on here so that you could ass them to the list would hep.

    Over all I love this game and it’s very fun. It even had 5 of us stumped at one point.

    Good job and keep up the excellent work!

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